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The list of new features continues for the upcoming version 3.3 of Stat

1. Outgoing Document screen has been redesigned to ensure reviewing of documents is more streamline. The review screen now split vertically with a list of documents on the left, and two tab pages on the right, one page showing the preview of the current document selected, the other showing a grid of previous revisions and a preview for the revision selected. Right mouse click allows for quick editing and a new feature of quick actions can be set up for each practice.

2. Added alert when making an appointment for a patient when they already have an appointment on the same day. The user has the option to continue making the appointment or to cancel.

3. Ability to create a new Theatre booking/Estimate by right clicking on the Theatre Booking list to create new. These can now be created from the Patient/Debtor screen or from within the Clinical Summary area.

4. To accommodate Stat being used on a small screen, scrollbars have been added to all clinical tools and also added an option to use the tool in an expanded window.

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100% Australian