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The next upgrade of Stat Version 3.3 is now in the preliminary beta test phase.

This version contains some significant changes and a full version of the release notes will be emailed to your practice in the coming weeks.

There is one change in particular that we wanted to bring to your attention with plenty of notice to ensure adequate time to make any necessary adjustments in your practice.

One of the features of the upgrade is that ‘Mail’ will no longer be available as it has been superseded by the ‘To Do’ feature. Once the upgrade has been performed, existing mail will be able to be viewed in Stat however the functionality to send new mail will no longer be available.

If you require assistance to set-up To Do’s, please go to the online Help File and search for To Do Template Setup. There is a full page devoted to this functionality and there is also an overview page regarding the To Do area for your reference.

We look forward to contacting you regarding the new upgrade in the coming weeks.

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100% Australian