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The upcoming version of Stat v3.3. signals many exciting changes to the product.

As part of our ongoing collaboration with our client base, Stat has developed a comprehensive Obstetrics module which helps meet the complex and unique requirements of Obstetricians. The software provides significant benefits to complement the clinician’s workflow efficiency and ensures all data regarding the current pregnancy is immediately available.

The system can accommodate single or multiple various outcomes and a patient banner with relevant details is viewable on all screens. Obstetric calculators include estimated date of delivery and ultrasound measurements are represented on interactive clinical reference charts providing impeccable graphical representation.

Each of the individual areas within the Obstetrics module: – Antenatal summary, antenatal investigation, antenatal visits, ultrasounds, pregnancy outcomes and postnatal care have been designed in discussion with a group of local obstetricians and their input has proved invaluable in ensuring the design is “right” for our market.

Stat generates the reports required to forward to the patients referring doctor by extracting the relevant data recorded in the Obstetrics area with the click of a button.

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100% Australian