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Stat has been upgraded to the latest Medicare client adaptor and have achieved the latest Notice of Integration (NOI). Stat is now certified for Diagnostic Imaging and Radiation Oncology claiming.

Assist fees now bill the following way as advised by Department of Human Services. When ECLIPSE claims with assistant item numbers are to be claimed, Stat will now artificially split the invoice into two before sending the claim, and then join the response from Medicare back together. This splitting and re-joining will be transparent to the user and we have been advised by the department “all private health insurers should accept and process claims for assist fee items” that are sent in this manner.

Remittance Advice has now been renamed the Payment Advice and now has user definable areas for the many payment options. This Payment Advice will be available on Invoices, Quotes/Estimates and Statements.

Private Patient Claiming can now be performed in two additional places within the software:
View transactions – Right click on an invoice and if it is able to be claimed it will have an option on the menu to claim the invoice.
After completion of a receipt in the Patient/Debtor Options it will ask a question about claiming for all invoices that were allocated to that can also be claimed (as per above). The user can choose or claim or not to claim.
The claim can be a PPC for an out of hospital service or an IMC for in-hospital services.

100% Australian
100% Australian