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Version 3.3 in now in final system testing and new features in this version will be listed each week until your upgrades begin. As well as Integrated EFTPOS and Integration with Xero and MYOB there is over 100 customer requested enhancements in this version.

1. Free text SMS now able to be sent from the Pathology/Radiology/Incoming Documents review area in the clinical module.

2.When writing a letter that uses referral details the details will automatically be selected if the patient has only one current referral recorded.

3.The patients transaction view aged balances will now take unallocated credit into account.

4. Multiple users can now use the Recall Processing screen and work with different recall types. When opening the screen, the user must select a recall type to filter by and then a lock will be put on that specific recall type. Users can open the recall processing screen and select a different recall type to display. If a recall type is locked, or a user has all recall types selected, no other recall types can be shown for another user. A lock message will display when the user attempts to select a recall type that is currently being used by someone else.

5. The age of a patient shown in the clinical banner will only show in months if the patient is under 2 years old, previously it was displayed in months for children under the age of 3.

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100% Australian