Electronic health records

Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record Systems (PCEHR)

Personal healthcare and that wellbeing of your friends and family is a sensitive topic, and you’ll want all the information – fast. A busy schedule and a large client base can often mean that the relaying of information from clinic to patient can take time, causing undue stress and hassle to yourself and your loved ones. Take control of your medical health records and get on board with Stat Health’s personally controlled electronic health record system.

With a PCEHR system, no longer will you have to wait on healthcare professionals: a PCEHR will allow full and instant access to your medical history, revolutionizing healthcare management in Australia.

The benefits of embracing an ehealth record system

Electronic records offer a wide range of benefits to health providers and patients alike: patients will be able to view summaries of their information, including details of their most recent vaccination, medications timetables and test results. The transparency that comes with an ehealth record system will ensure that patients are able to make comfortable, and well informed decisions regarding the details and nature of their treatment.

Advanced clinical information systems will allow patients to share their medical history with healthcare professionals across Australia: medical professionals will therefore have fast and full access to your history, keeping them fully informed of your medical situation and therefore able to determine the best course of action, should you ever require treatment.

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A secure and easy way for patients to check and control their own medical history, PCEHR systems have proven to be of great benefit to healthcare professionals and patients alike. For more information on the advantages and implementation of a clinical information systems, call us today on 1300 007 828.

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